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Zhuorim TTR UK utilises its own Research and Development Lab and production plant in Turriff to ensure the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our plant in Aberdeenshire is considered to be a 'centre of excellence' for TTR. We have a fully equipped R&D laboratory with a team dedicated to innovations. We ensure that our products are continually better and strive for product enhancements to give our partners the very best for their requirements.

The main objectives of

Research & Development are:

  • To develop new products according to the specifications supplied by the Marketing department, while taking into account market standards and requirements, printer characteristics, special applications, all of which must be compatible with production facilities.

  • Production assistance and enhancement through the process of educational and calculated approach for the improvement and optimisation of manufacturing steps and methodology.

  • To select the best materials and to anticipate and follow already established regulations concerning chemical products.

In pursuit of its objectives,

R&D is structured around four key areas:

  • Alchemy/Chemistry - Masters in the ancient art of formulations and raw materials. This is where the Zhuorim magic happens.

  • Applications - Performance level indicants, continued rigorous testing in printers and print quality.

  • Industrialisation: Grinding, coating and slitting techniques is our bread and butter and nobody in the industry does it better than Zhuorim, guaranteeing precise compatibility between products and facilitations.

  • Support - The link to our partners and responsible for ensuring a creative flow around all elements.

Zhuorim TTR UK has the technology and the R&D team dedicated to innovations.

Research & Development

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