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​The NEW TTR Coating Machine

Coating Machine 20190322.jpg

​​The new TTR coating machine is taking shape. The team is working hard and is making good progress.

Label Expo 2019.jpeg
Label Expo Team 7.jpg

Jamila, Andy, Amanda, Detlef, Kitty, Robin

That was the LabelExpo Europe 2019 in Brussels. A big thank you from the teams of Zhuoli and Zhuorim TTR UK to all our guests for passing by and saying hello at our booth 6E22. It was so nice to meet you, making new friends and seeing old ones again. See you again.

​​The Fachpack in Nuremberg, Germany September 2018

Fachpack 2018_1.jpg
Fachpack thank you..jpg

​​The Fachpack in Nuremberg, Germany at the end of September 2018 was a great success. We like to thank all our guests who visited us during the week. It was a pleasure to meet you and catch up with the latest news. We hope to see you again on one of the next shows.

Andy       Jock 

Martina     Detlef     Miroslav

Fachpack 2018_2.jpg

​​The 1200mm/s Highspeed Challenge

​T074 in Markem X60 on Polyamide Film

Settings - 1200mm/s = 48ips - Energy 140

Find the technical specification and

additional Information here


T016 black and T016R Red

successfully passed the Test

BS 5609 / Section 3


and is now also suitable

for CLP hazardous warning GHS labelling !

Please ask for samples here

​​The new

TTR - Catalogue

is out !





Please ask for your copy here



readable TTR prints with


When you need additional SECURITY

it doesn't need to cost a premium.

TTR 20 is ideal for

- visitor badges

- secure area access

- counterfeid protection

Find the technical specifications here

Ask for free 130mm or 135mm samples here


Available now

  Near Edge Wax Resin in SILVER

Ask for free 50mm x 100m samples here

also available Flat Head Resin

​T016B Blue

​T016G Green

Ask for free 110mm x 50m samples here

UL listed Ribbons

  • T001 FH Wax Resin   - with more than    30 labels

  • T016 FH Resin            - with more than  500 labels

  • T260/Z201 FH Wax Resin   - with more than  250 labels

  • T350/Z300 FH Resin           - with more than  100 labels


For the full list of labels please follow these steps:

1 - Go to the UL iQ database

2 - Label Category - Select Printing Materials

3 - Ink keyword - Type T- number

 4 - Click search and wait for results


Did you know that...

​...our Flat Head Resin

T016 Black

and the Resin Colours

T016R Red and  T016W White

are                                  certified ?

Together with T016B Blue and ​T016G Green

they are printing  with the same speed

and energy settings - ideal for Duo printers

Ask for free 110mm x 50m samples here

Good to know

Our Flat Head Wax T160 and

our Flat Head Wax/Resin T260

are both printing up to 600 dpi.

Ask for free 110mm x 50m samples here

Have you tried...

...our Flat Head Wax

T056 Black

and the Wax Colours

T017 Blue

T018 Red and

T019 Green

they work on many Near Edge Printers.


Ask for free 110mm x 50m samples here

Did you know that...

...the T087 Resin is microwavable,

heat resistant >220ºC over 45 min.

and works on Near Edge

and some Flat Head printers

Ask for free 55mm x 100m samples here

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