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The 4µ T074 Near Edge Wax Resin for Highspeed TTO Applications

We are living in an ever faster changing world. Running costs and downtimes are slowing the production and minimising profit margins in a fiercely competitive market.

To respond to the global changes it was necessary to reduce the 4.5µ ink carrier film and develop a ribbon with a thinner 4µ film to reflect the demand of a 1000m ribbon being <100mm outside diameter.

We understood the needs of our partners to achieve higher economic prints. As a result of the 4µ film development, a longer ribbon has less downtime through longer production cycles with fewer medium changes, and even more important an extended print head life!

Depending on the ribbon/label combination the prints might need a lower energy input which will also contribute to a longer print head life.

All that and more at high speeds for the most cost effective prints possible. A ribbon you can rely on for the future of inline and packaging printing and the benefit for you: great overall cost savings!


The advantages at a glance

- longer Ribbons

- less Downtime

- longer Production Cycles

- less Energy

- extended Print Head Life

- lower running Costs

- great overall cost Savings

Samples are available in 55mm or 110mm x 50m

Your Technical Support

For all ribbon related queries, questions or any further advice

please callSamuel Tel. 01888 564227 or Email.

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